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Practical use of R by blind people – Workshop: 10 July

The University of Bath is hosting a workshop on Practical use of R by blind people, on Friday10th July. The workshop will show how a blind user can make use of R in its console/terminal modes, how we can improve its use through the BrailleR add-on package, and how a blind user could benefit byContinue Reading

sigma-sw regional hub meeting: Statistics for non-statisticians – 7 July 2015

The sigma South West & South Wales Hub is hosting a meeting on ‘Statistics for non-statisticians‘ at the University of Bath on Tuesday 7th July 2015 from 10:30 – 16:00. Those with a strong quantitative background are often approached to give advice on statistical problems, even though they may have no formal training in statistics. This workshop aimsContinue Reading

sigma SW&SW hub meeting: Embedding and sustaining mathematics support – 23 January 2015

The sigma South West and South Wales Hub is holding an event on Embedding and sustaining mathematics support, at the University of Bath on Friday 23rd January 2015 from 11am-4pm. The main focus of the meeting is to consider how the community of mathematics and statistics support practitioners may best embed and sustain mathematics supportContinue Reading

sigma SE and SW&SW Tutor Training event – 15 October 2014

Place: University of Portsmouth Date: Wednesday 15th October 2014 Registration: 10:30        End Time: 16:00 This sigma Network Tutor Training event is for mathematics and statistics support centres in the South East, South West and South Wales who wish to access sigma training for their tutors. It will be held at the University of Portsmouth onContinue Reading

Graduate numeracy tests – 16 July 2014

sigma-sw regional hub meeting – Graduate numeracy tests  Place: University of Bath, Bath Date:  Wednesday 16th July 2014 Registration: 11:00        End Time: 16:00 The main focus of the meeting is to consider how mathematics support centres may assist students with improving their numeracy when their end goal is to improve performance on graduate numeracy tests. Such tests are used inContinue Reading

Ideas exchange and development : sigma South West Hub – 26 March 2014

Place:  University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus Arrival:  11:00 am                                           End time : 16:00 The main purpose of this first meeting of 2013/14 is to re-establish links between maths support centres and practitioners in theContinue Reading

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This is the area where you will find news, events & updates for the South West & South Wales SIGMA hub.  You can check back for details, or sign up to our JISCMail list. Contact details for this hub can be found here.