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sigma SW&SW hub meeting: Embedding and sustaining mathematics support – 23 January 2015

The sigma South West and South Wales Hub is holding an event on Embedding and sustaining mathematics support, at the University of Bath on Friday 23rd January 2015 from 11am-4pm.

The main focus of the meeting is to consider how the community of mathematics and statistics support practitioners may best embed and sustain mathematics support locally in their own institution and within our regional hub. This meeting will also have plenty of time for networking and sharing information and ideas between attendees. Please note the requests for short talks, activities and discussion points to enable this and consider volunteering!

Abdel Salhi, Professor of Operational Research and Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex, will open the day. He will describe how his department has designed and delivered sustainable maths and stats support including offering consultancy services to local businesses. This will be followed by short talks offered up by attendees to highlight work they have completed to ensure their maths or stats support is embedded and sustainable. In the latter part of the day there will be activities and discussion with a focus on local and regional embedding, sustainability and sharing of practice.

For further information and to register for the event please see