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Introduction to Numbas – 31st August 2017

A FREE sigma workshop hosted by the Mathematics Resource Centre, University of Bath on Thursday 31st August, 10:30-16:30.


Numbas is a free and open source platform for authoring of mathematical questions. Features include:

  • randomised content
  • LaTeX rendering of mathematical notation while you type
  • instant feedback to students on tests
  • regeneration of randomised practice questions for students


This event will provide:

  • a hands-on introduction to Numbas, including logging on to the mathcentre editor, selecting questions to make tests, and writing your own questions.
  • a resource swap shop. Opportunity for all delegates to share information on a resource they use.
  • information about using Numbas to fill the gaps in mathcentre.

The workshop will be primarily led by Christian Lawson-Perfect (e-Learning Officer, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle University).


10:30 Arrival and refreshments
11:00 Numbas Part 1
12:45 Resource swap shop
13:15 Lunch and networking
14:00 Numbas Part 2
15:45 mathcentre: filling the gaps using Numbas
16:30 Departure

Further information

For further information, including travel, refreshments, computing requirements, access and contact information please download the full information document.


For those working towards HEA Fellowship, attendance at and engagement with this event, and reflection on its implications for practice, could help to provide evidence towards elements of the UK Professional Standards Framework: A1, A3, A5, K2, K4, V1

Please register at:

Mathematical literacy, sigma SW&SW – 12th July 2016

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Beyond mathcentre: electronic resources for maths assessment and support – 22nd January 2016

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sigma SW&SW Tutor Training – 2 October 2015

Place: Cardiff University Date: Friday 2nd October 2015 Start time: 10:30        End Time: 15:30 This free sigma Network Tutor Training event is for mathematics and statistics support centres in the South West and South Wales, and nearby regions, who wish to access sigma training for their tutors. It will be held at Cardiff University onContinue Reading