network for excellence in
    mathematics and statistics support


A guide for Pro-Vice-Chancellors by Tony Croft, Michael Grove & Duncan Lawson for the sigma Network

Senior Management Perspectives on Mathematics and Statistics Support in Higher Education (sigma Research)

A research report by Professor Harry Tolley and Dr Helen Mackenzie commissioned by sigma to determine high level sector needs for undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics and statistics support. Published May 2015.

Executive Summary and sigma Directors Response to the sigma commissioned research Senior Management Perspectives on Mathematics and Statistics Support in Higher Education (2015, Prof Tony Croft, Prof Duncan Lawson and Michael Grove)

sigma – a network working!

An unabridged version of the article published in Mathematics Today, Volume 50(1), the bulletin of the IMA by Tony Croft, Duncan lawson, Trevor Hawkes, Michael grove, David Bowers and Moira Petrie.

The sigma Annual Report 2014/15 (sigma Report)

The sigma Annual Report 2013/14 (sigma Report)

The annual report reviewing the activities of the sigma Network during the academic year 2013/14.

The sigma Annual Report 2012/13 (sigma Report)

The annual report reviewing the activities of the sigma Network during the academic year 2012/13.

The Mathematics Support Community of Practice (sigma Report)

A report detailing the sigma initiatives during the period 2009 to 2012, achieved with funding from the National HE STEM Programme, many of which have continued beyond the life of the programme.

evaluation of mathematics support centres: a review of the literature (sigma Guide)

This report reviews and synthesises published research evaluating mathematics and statistics support and the contribution made to student learning and the student experience so that informed decisions may be made about the value of support activity and the targeting of future funding.

mathematics learning support in UK higher education: the extent of provision in 2012 (sigma Guide)

This study captures the extent of mathematics and statistics learning support provision across the UK higher education sector in 2012. It builds on earlier work that was undertaken independently in 2000 and 2004.