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Statistics Support SIG

Statistics support has been recognised as being somewhat different from other maths support provision. This SIG will focus on the particular needs of statistics support, and address the ways in which maths support centres and staff can confidently include statistics support in their remit.

The sigma Network has already run a number of events in recent years for maths support practitioners, that discuss the challenges of providing statistics support. Often maths support tutors have limited experience of statistics, and so many of these events have included a training element (for example covering the PCAI cycle, or on using SPSS or R software packages).  One aim of this SIG is to ensure that expertise in statistics support can be more widely disseminated through the maths support community.

The online resource statstutor ( has grown substantially in recent years as a parallel resource to mathtutor ( . This SIG will play a key role in ensuring the statstutor resources are well curated and appropriately accessible.

A summary of resources and events organised by the Statistics Support SIG in recent years is available here, and will be used as the basis of a workshop at the 2019 CETL-MSOR Conference.

Statistics Support SIG members
Alun Owen (Coventry University, SIG Co-chair,
Ellen Marshall (Sheffield Hallam University, SIG Co-chair,
Ann Savage (Abertay University)
David Bowers (University of Essex)
Diane Haigney (University of Worcester)
Ian Weir (UWE)
Jonathan Gillard (Cardiff University)
Monica Cristiana Hess (Brunel University)
Nick Goddard (University of Chester)

The Terms of Reference for the Statistics Support SIG are available here.