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Mathematics and Statistics Support for Economics and Finance – 21st May 2018

The sigma Network is delighted to announce a workshop on “Mathematics and statistics support for Economics and Finance” hosted by Bournemouth University on Monday 21st May 2018, 12:00pm – 4:30pm

Copies of the presentations are now available – links against the programme schedule below.  Also, click here for an audio recording of the day.

 Mathematics and statistics are key subjects for students who study for a degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics. Are students fully aware of this? Are students willing and able to apply their existing mathematical knowledge to other disciplines like accounting, economics and finance? Students have different backgrounds and it can difficult to establish what is familiar to them and what is new. Therefore, designing an attractive unit for the entire cohort is quite challenging. Furthermore, how can we help students in the difficult process of transition from secondary school to university? What are the most effective models of maths and stats support? How can we efficiently use the range of resources available online?

This sigma workshop is intended to provide a chance for delegates to hear some examples of online platforms, projects, and resources for maths and stats related to the needs of economics and finance. We will share and discuss approaches adopted to teach and support quantitative methods, especially at undergraduate level, and identify approaches and resources that can be better utilised to enhance student engagement.

Attendance and the working lunch will be provided for free. 

To register to attend, please use Eventbrite or email Marta Disegna ( If you have any dietary or access requirements or if you need a car parking space, please state it in the Eventbrite registration form note or in the email.


12:00 Arrival, registration and lunch

12:30  Welcome, David Bowers (Chair, sigma Network for Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics Support)

12:45  What is special about maths and statistics for Economics and Finance? (Bournemouth University staff)  Marta Disegna presentation.  Zara Ghodsi presentation.

13:30  Different resources for supporting mathematics and statistics skills in Economics and Finance, Francis Duah (University of York) presentation and book list,  and Martin Greenhow (Brunel University) presentation.

14:20  An Introduction to the Q-Step initiative, Steve Grundy (Q-Step Programme Manager, Nuffield Foundation) presentation.

14:45 Coffee & Networking.

15:15  Showcase and open discussion on attendees’ own teaching approaches and experiences of offering maths support to Economics and Finance students, with the opportunity to share good practice and reach out for advice. (Each attendee will have the opportunity to present ideas for promoting active learning that they have used in their teaching or support work. Please indicate if you would like to do this registration form.)

16:15  Action planning.  How can I apply today’s insights to my own teaching or maths support provision?
What future collaborative/developmental activities would be useful?

16:30  Closing remarks

For those working towards HEA Fellowship, engagement with this event and reflection on the implications for your professional practice can help provide evidence towards the following dimensions of the UKPSF:  A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, K1, K2, K3, K4, V3, V4.

Marta Disegna
Senior Lecturer in Statistics & Econometrics
The Business School
Bournemouth University
Executive Business Centre, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EB
Tel: +44 (0)1202965455

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