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HELM Workbooks

HELMHelping Engineering Learn Mathematics – was a major curriculum development project undertaken by a consortium of five English universities – Loughborough, Hull, Reading, Sunderland and Manchester – led by Loughborough, and funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) for the period October 2002 – September 2006.  The project produced 50 high quality HELM Workbooks covering the basic engineering mathematics and statistics teaching for first and second year students in a typical UK undergraduate engineering degree course.  A significant effort wasmade to ensure that the Workbooks are student focussed and contain examples of engineering applications of the mathematics and statistics.

Workbooks 1 – 34 contain mathematics material for engineering undergraduates.

Workbooks 35 – 46 contain probability and statistics material for engineering undergraduates.

Workbook 47 contains a miscellany of Mathematics and Physics related problems, including dimensional analysis.

Workbook 48 contains 20 in depth Engineering Case Studies.

Workbook 49 is a Student’s Guide.

Workbook 50 is a Tutor’s Guide.

Over the past 18 months, sigma has funded the work undertaken to update these 50 workbooks.   The updated workbooks are now available via .  If you wish to become a HELM user, please go to to complete the required form.