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SPSS Users Group Courses – 30 October 2015

The SPSS users group (ASSESS) is organising a day of four half-day courses using SPSS together with five user presentations and a users clinic comprising a one-day SPSS users (ASSESS) conference. It will be held on Friday 30th October 2015 at the University of York.

Two courses will form a SPSS syntax day comprising an introductions to using SPSS syntax in the morning followed by an introduction to SPSS macros in the afternoon. Two other courses will run in parallel to the syntax day and will comprise an ‘introduction to statistical tests using SPSS’ day comprising tests of association in the morning and tests of group differences in the afternoon.

A session of five user presentations and user clinic will run in parallel with the courses. The day of user presentations comprises a morning session presenting four case studies showing applications in SPSS and an afternoon session featuring a recorded webinar followed by a question and answer session where an expert panel will answer questions raised by delegtes regarding SPSS.

Delegates may choose to attend a single morning users session or workshop and/or a single afternoon users session or workshop. Come along to learn more about current and upcoming uses of SPSS including the performing of statistical analyses in fields of applications. Learn when these models should be used, how to implement statistical routines in SPSS using real data, problems associated with their use and how to interpret and understand output. See software demonstrations, share experiences with other users and plan for future meetings.

Coffee breaks are included. Lunch is also included if attending both a morning AND afternoon event.

Further details (including a booking form) are available at The meeting contact is Peter Watson (