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Teaching and Learning Resources


Free online mathematics learning resources to support the transition from school to university in a range of disciplines. View mathcentre promotional leaflet.


Free online statistics support materials for post-16 statistics help in a range of disciplines. View statstutor promotional leaflet.

Social Media Guide

Based on the successful student intern projects, the University of Bath has produced a guide to using social media to connect with students.  

Guide to Live Streaming via Periscope

As part of the work undertaken by the sigma project looking at mobile apps, a guide to using live video streaming app “Periscope” has been produced.  .

Facts & Formulae leaflets (A4 size)
Facts & Formulae leaflets (large for printing A3 size)

These popular reference leaflets provide a compact reference list of key formulae and results. Printed copies are no longer available for distribution, but you may download the pdf files and print your own via the links above.