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Workshop on Innovations in University Mathematics Teaching – 7/8 July 2014

This 2-day workshop took place in Cardiff University and focussed on the application of inquiry based learning (where emphasis is placed on the student’s role in making sense of mathematical ideas, and communicating those ideas clearly to peers), and the flipped classroom (a model in which students gain first-exposure learning prior to class and focus on synthesizing, analyzing, problem-solving, etc. in class) in higher education.

During the first day invited speakers from the UK and US shared their experiences of implementing IBL and the flipped classroom. Day two began with an interactive IBL session, which led in to broader discussion and reflection on how such methods might be embedded in practice. The conference was very positively received with a number of delegates commenting on how the ideas introduced and discussed will have a genuine impact on their approaches to teaching and learning.

Further details from each of the sessions, along with links to related material, is available here. For additional information please contact the workshop organisers Paul Harper (, Vincent Knight (, and Rob Wilson (