network for excellence in
    mathematics and statistics support

sigma Network Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the sigma Network for Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics Support took place place on Tuesday 11th July 2017 at 4.00pm, at the University of Birmingham.


1) Minutes of the 2016 AGM (available here)
2) Chair’s Report  (reports available here )
3) Secretary’s Report
4) Treasurer’s Report
5) Ratification of Steering Group Membership for 2017/18 (see below)
6) Priorities for the sigma Network in 2017/18 and beyond
7) AOB (to be advised in advance to )


Nominations for Steering Group Membership 2017/18 have been received for:

Hansa Bissoondeeal    University of Essex
David Bowers      University of Essex
Noel-Ann Bradshaw   Representative of the IMA
Emma Cliffe      University of Bath
Ruth Fairclough      University of Wolverhampton
Mark Hodds        Coventry University
Eugenie Hunsicker    Loughborough University
Tony Mann      University of Greenwich
Ellen Marshall      University of Sheffield
Mohamed Mehbali    London South Bank University
Alun Owen      De Montfort University
Chetna Patel      De Montfort University
Rob Wilson      Cardiff University


– Minutes of the 2017 AGM available here