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Practical use of R by blind people – Workshop: 10 July

The University of Bath is hosting a workshop on Practical use of R by blind people, on Friday10th July.

The workshop will show how a blind user can make use of R in its console/terminal modes, how we can improve its use through the BrailleR add-on package, and how a blind user could benefit by introducing R markdown into their work practices. There will be time to discuss problems associated with the way a blind person can access statistical content and concepts, as well as exposure to the solutions used by the workshop leader and other blind people in practice.

The workshop will be led by Dr Jonathan Godfrey, one of only two totally blind full-time lecturers of statistics in the world today. He comes from New Zealand (the birthplace of R) and is perhaps the most well-known blind user of R today. His publications include software reviews of R and other statistical software used in university courses. He unashamedly has strong opinions on a range of topics affecting the education of blind students in general and mathematical sciences in particular.

For further information on who might attend this event, what technology attendees require and to request a place please see