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Pocket Guide to Resources for Statistics Support Tutors

Your views requested!

Ellen Marshall (University of Sheffield), Alun Owen (University of Worcester) and Jonathan Gillard (University of Cardiff) are engaged in a sigma-funded project to develop a “Pocket Guide to Resources for Statistics Support Tutors”. The aim is to produce a “pocket-sized” (A5) guide to give tutors working in statistics support quick access to a comprehensive collection of resources that will enhance their tutoring role and their students’ learning.

‘Resources’ is interpreted broadly to include static as well as interactive digital materials that inform, engage or entertain for the purpose of widening knowledge and understanding, and improving teaching and student attainment. The academic level of the learning material should target a typical range of HE students that use statistics support services.

Initially this will be developed as a pdf or paper-based printable guide of A5 size, but in time it is envisaged that this will be developed by sigma into an interactive web-based resource. The philosophy underlying the selection and presentation of resources is to select the most useful resources that have been found to help statistics support tutors and their students, and present them in suitable categories or “sets” allowing different views of the same data.

An initial list of statistics resources which includes, books, websites, online videos and other types of resources has been derived from suggestions made by some members of the statistics support community and sigma. Details of these resources are contained in the Excel spreadsheet (“All Resources” tab). There are also two sheets demonstrating tables from potential sections of the guide (SPSS books and Multivariate) and some sample pages from the book.

We would really appreciate suggestions for additional resources to be considered for inclusion in the guide which can be done by completing a short online survey here.  We would particularly welcome suggestions for specialist areas of statistics e.g. econometrics or engineering statistics or less common topics.

If it is possible, we would be very grateful if you could complete this by Monday 18th January 2016.   If you have any other comments or suggestions about the resource tables or contents, please contact the team at or