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Numbas Workshops – 6 and 7 July 2015

sigma, in conjunction with Newcastle University and the North West and North Wales Hub, is pleased to offer a two day Numbas workshop.  Free and open source, Numbas allows the authoring of questions which include randomised content throughout and LaTeX rendering of mathematical notation. Tests provide instant feedback to the student, including rendering of the student’s answers in mathematical notation while they type, and a practice mode which lets students regenerate randomised questions for further practice without starting a new session.

This free event will be held at Loughborough University on 6th and 7th July 2015 and delegates can attend on one or both days, as required.

Day 1: An Introduction to Numbas

The day will provide an introduction to using Numbas, from logging on to the editor, through selecting questions to make a test, to eventually writing your own questions.

Day 2: Advanced techniques in Numbas

The day will allow help with specific queries as well as demonstrating more advanced techniques. The focus of the day will be to allow delegates to work on their own Numbas projects, with help available from the Numbas team. It will include a session on good question-writing practice as well as a session on enabling collaboration using Numbas (database organisation, managing versions and changes, documentation) and trying out collaboration techniques (review each other’s questions, tag existing questions, triage existing questions into “ready to use” and “has problems”/”doesn’t work”).

The registration form for this event can be found at: .  Registration closes on 26th  June 2015.

If you are planning on attending both days, please note that we are unable to provide free accommodation for this event but can signpost options for you so if you require accommodation, please contact Moira Petrie (