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Events to Support Scholarship, Research and Evaluation within STEM Higher Education – May/June 2013

Three-one day workshops were organised in conjunction with the Higher Education Academy to support Scholarship, Research and Evaluation within STEM Higher Education.  The events are as follows:

1.  12 June 2013 (University of Birmingham): Capturing Data and Evidence through Qualitative Methodologies for Scholarship and Research within the STEM Disciplines
12 June 2013 – Qualitative Research Methods For Circulation

2.  13 June 2013 (University of Birmingham): An Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods for Research and Evaluation within the STEM Disciplines
13 June 2013 – Quantitative Research Methods For Circulation

3.  28 May 2013 (Loughborough University): First Steps in Evaluation and Scholarship in Mathematics and Engineering
28 May 2013 – Mathematics and Engineering for Circulation

All events were made available free of charge.